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State Medialists

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Class 4A

Dominque Burgin 100m dash 11.31 3rd place
Griffin Lee 3200m Run 9:48.3 3rd place
Andrew Sudduth 110m High Hurdles 15.67 4th place
Maide Piper 100m Hurdles 17.07 6th place
Mindy DeGroot High Jump 5'2" 6 place
Hilary Johnson, Angie Matlack, Tina Wiggins, Aubrey Hale 4 x 800 Relay 10:13.90 5th place


Class 4A

Griffin Lee 3200m run 9:34.87 3rd place
Griffin Lee 1600m run 4:25.39 4th place
Griffin Lee 800M run 2:00.66 6th place
Andrew Sudduth 110 High Hurdles 15.28 4th place
Mindy Degroot High Jump 5'2" 1st place
Danielle Mikea Long Jump 16'5.5 6th place
Tara Stuart Triple Jump 34'2.25" 7th place


Class 4A

No Medalist

Danielle Mika High Jump 5'2" 3rd place
Danielle Mika Long Jump 16'1.75" 5th place
Tara stuart Long Jump 17'2.25" 3rd place
Tara stuart Triple Jump 35' 4.25" 3rd place
Lindsey Boan, Andrea Crabaugh, Heather sprague, Danielle Mika 4 x 100m Relay 51.24 5th place


Class 5A

Jay Matlack 1600m Run 4:45.78 7th place
Tara Stuart Triple Jump 36'1.75" 4th place
Tara Stuart Long Jump 17'10.75" 4th place
Tara Stuart 100m Hurdles 15.71 7th place
Sara Exon 300m Hurdles 49.24 4th place
sara Karcher 800m Run 2:26.68 5th place
Hillary Johnson, Laraine Kyle, Sara karcher, Lindsey warren 4 x 800m Relay 10:10.02 6th place


Class 5A

Steven Scott 6'2" 3rd place
Max Rinkel Discus 147'8" 7th place
Kyle Hancock Shot 50'11.5 4th place
Sara Karcher 800m Run 2:19.87 1st place
Susan Needham Pole Vault 9'0" 6th place
Whitney Coleman Discus 107'3" 6th place
Sara Karcher, Lindsey Warren, Emily Gilbreath, Kelsey O'Hara


Class 5A

Justin woods 100m dash 10.56 1st place
Jutin Woods 200m dash 21.44 1st place
Justin Woods, Colin Orand, Terence Wilson, Johnqwell Mackey 4 x 400m Relay 3:26.40 4th place
Sara Karcher 800m Run 2:26:01 4th place
Emily Gilbreath 1600m Run 5:27.88 3rd place
Sara Exon 100m Hurdles 16.18 7th place
Sara Exon 300m Hurdles 46.88 5th place
Katie Bauer Triple Jump 33'.25" 7th place
Elise Umbarger Shot 38'5" 5th place
Sara Karcher, Emily Gilbreath, Lindsey Warren, Kelsey O'Hara 4x 800m Relay 10:00.70 4th place